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August 20 2011

via busyloop/lolcat - GitHub

// i see what you did there
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April 05 2011

6434 c7c1

March 04 2011

Grml in DELUG edition of Linux Magazine 03/11

German Linux Magazine 03/11 features Grml 2010.12 on DVD (DELUG version)!
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August 17 2010

[No Name] - VIM1
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August 12 2010

irssi 0.8.15 + scriptassist.pl

the script scriptassistl.pl checks
irssi's script repository for updates
of the scripts your are using,

can update these scripts by one or all,
search for scripts in the repository
and show information about them.

you can install scripts or even
make them run automatically.

it can connect you to the author
and search for missing modules
at the CPAN archive.

you can also rate scripts,
get their ratings or
get a top list by rating,

here you see the list of
the latest 23 scripts.

initial use:
/script load scriptassist.pl


July 30 2010

vim inside emacs

July 25 2010

Talk About Your Code
for it will die with you.
beware the bus factor,
memento mori + carpe diem!
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